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Sunday Summer Sizzlers - 

June/July/August only

1-hour 1:1 session

8am till 9am or 9am till 10am


1:1 Video Analysis at Salisbury  and Portsmouth

Make the change your hard work and dedication deserves by investing in our most premium and internationally acclaimed service - a private 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session with Swim Smooth Coach Steve Bailey. 


A Swim Smooth video analysis consultation is perfect if you have unanswered questions about why you might have plateaued-off with your performance, or even if what you're doing in your swim training sessions is the most efficient way for you to personally improve.


This session is suitable for any level of swimmer - from those of you who have only just learnt to swim the freestyle stroke, but would be able to manage the 6 continuous lengths required for the filming, to those looking to break world records (and everywhere in between!). You cannot undervalue how important it is to get yourself off on the right track even if you are just getting into swimming. Don't waste hours of your time thrashing up and down the pool with poor technique.


Let us guide you through a comprehensive consultation which includes: complete HD video capture; full recorded analysis to take home on a special USB drive for later review; a thorough stroke correction component with communication between your coach on poolside, and you whilst submerged in the water; and a take home training plan to ensure you maximise your application of your new strokes going forwards. This really is "the bomb" with 1,000s of swimmers around the world having dramatically improved their swimming from just one or two Video Analysis sessions.


This could be you...9 mins improvement over 1.5km!
Full HD Filming
Stroke Correction
Before                                       After

Have your stroke filmed in all it's glory above and below the water from a range of comprehensive angles to best I.D where your issues lie

An in-depth recorded review of your stroke will ensue and highlight exactly what issues you face and more importantly, how to correct them

Picking out faults is a relatively simple task, knowing how to correct those faults in the most effective and time-efficient way is what sets your coach apart and will ensure a great result for you

World class Stroke Analysis just for you...

Sunday 17:00/18:30  £105
Thursday 08:00/09:30 £105
Friday 08:15/09:45 £105
Friday 20:15/21:45: £105
Saturday 17:00/18:30 £105
Sunday 08:15/09:45: £105

All sessions can be booked on our Mobile App

How to Prepare for your 1:1

  • Booked a 1:1? Keep swimming! It's important you maintain your swim fitness right up until you visit us. Avoid the temptation to stop and wait for your 1:1. 

  • Familiarise yourself with these 3 basic drills. Practise them beforehand and we can spend less time teaching you how to do the drills and more time transferring the skills learned into your freestyle. 

    • Kick on side drill ​

    • Scull#1 drill 

    • Doggy Paddle 



Sunday Swim Smooth Session


(25m Pool)

Technique/CSS/Pace-Threshold Swims

Free Swim Smooth Guru access to all squad members. (Conditons apply)

We offer swim coaching for adults between the ages of 18 and 80+, from the total beginner to the professional triathlete, all within our uniquely supportive environment.

Powered by the world renowned Swim Smooth coaching system, we work with a huge range of ability levels including triathletes, pool and open water swimmers without bias (unless of course you're a breaststroker then you might be subject to the occassional joke here and there, the silly stroke that it is).


Alongside our squad sessions that cover all your training needs for any freestyle event, we offer our premium 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Sessions for those requiring a little extra special attention for their stroke technique. 

​We fundamentally believe that every swimmer in our squad is an individual and should be treated as such. The Swim Smooth SwimTypes* coaching system recognises that we are all built differently, that we come from a wide range of swimming backgrounds and experiences and even varied learning styles too. We're not all 6ft6in tall with the wingspan of an albatross and a swimming resumé that might make even Thorpie wince. Nor are we all training solely for pool swimming - which is VERY different from swimming well in the open water - so why should we all be coached in the same way? We shouldn't, and you won't be. 

If you want the highest quality swim coaching known to fishkind and are serious about improving your enjoyment and swimming efficiency for whatever purpose, then joining your local Swim Smooth squad is for you.

The Revolutionary Swim Smooth Guru!

Want to benefit from all the great Swim Smooth methods, tips, techniques and training programs, but can't join us for a squad session? Why not check out the new Swim Smooth Guru - choc-a-block full of information and great sessions to help you improve your swimming! Watch the trailer then sign up to the quad for free access.


Session Fee Structure & Bookings

We operate two booking options for the squads: Block Bookings and PAYG.

This allows you the flexibility of booking week-on-week if you can't make all the sessions, or alternatively receiving a discounted rate if you can. 

Block Bookings: (Guaranteed place in the squad. Any missed sessions booked in blocks are not transferable or refundable)
  • Vary from £75 to £100 per block of 10 sessions depending on the length of the session & venue.
  • Sessions last from 75-90 minutes.   
PAYG: (Take a chance week-to-week. Subject to availability Number of PAYG slots will reduce as block bookings are made and will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis) 
All session fees are inclusive of pool entry fees (At Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth)


​If the squads are full we do operate a waiting list for both Block Bookings and PAYG. Emails are sent out automatically to notify you that a place has become available in the oder that the waiting is populated and will be 'time bound' for a response.

Find a session that suits your schedule and your swimming focus. You can easily find out what each session entails by clicking on the session details. If it's available (without a waitlist) you can just go right ahead and sign up, but if it's over-subscribed, try your luck using the waitlist feature - you'll be notified by email  before the session starts if you've been offered a spot.

There's a high chance you too can be swimming smooth very soon!

All sessions can be booked on our Mobile App

Dive on in! The water is always beautiful!

Ellingham Ski Lake where we run some of our OW sessions. 

Open Water Coaching


Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

Our Swim Smooth Perth app makes booking, paying and managing your squad training schedule a cinch.

Can't make a booked session? Just cancel out up to 12hrs before the session for your spot to be offered on to someone else on the wait list without charge.


We call it PAYG (BLUK!) or Pay-As-You-Go (But-Let-Us-Know!) - all with the simple click of an app. It's very cool! In this way you have total flexibility and will not be charged on a monthly / quarterly basis like other programs for sessions you don't need.


With over 85 waitlisted spots becoming available each week, you stand a very good chance of gaining access to this great swim program and perhaps gaining a coveted permanent spot soon too! Get booking!

Download the app

Available on both iOS and Android or via our online portal

Set up an account

Include your email address & mobile number so we can keep you posted with SMS alerts when spots become available

Start planning your schedule

Choose from 12 weekly squad sessions and 7 individual 1-2-1 Video Analysis appointments 

Details for swimming at Ellingham are below:

or call Matt Duncan on 07506 380238  

SS Coaches are experts in open water / triathlon swimming.

Are you a triathlete or open water swimmer? Swim Smooth coaches are experts in the field of open water swimming and all our coaching in the pool will leave you perfectly prepared for open water swimming. This isn't true of some schools of swimming which might teach you to 'Overglide' - too much glide in your stroke is especially inefficient in open water swimming and will leave you susceptible to being buffeted and stalled by waves and wake from other swimmers.

We run OW specific sessions at Elligham lake near Ringwood. This venue is ideally suited to helping you refine your OW swim stroke, Over come any OW anxieties and get familiar with swimming in a Wetsuit.

We will aim to:

- Refine your stroke technique so that you are an efficient and fast swimmer in both the pool and open water.

- Develop your sighting and navigation skills so that you swim straight in the open water with minimum energy lost when sighting.

- Practise drafting and swimming in close proximity to other swimmers in the safety of the pool so that you are comfortable doing so in open water races - drafting can save up to 38% of your energy expenditure!

Find out more about how and when we do this in our squad timetable HERE

The Importance Of Open Water Skills

If you are frustrated with your open water swimming performances then you need to work on your open water skills. Any swimmer intending to race in open water should be practising these skills all year round, they're really that important! Drafting can save you up to 38% of your energy expenditure (!) or allow you to swim behind a much faster swimmer. This is the sort of advantage most swimmers would love to gain in terms of their swimming technique but yet are neglecting to practise their drafting skills.

Your ability to swim in a straight line and navigate in open water is just as important. Swim Smooth GPS data                   shows that many swimmers track 10% or even 20% over distance by constantly moving off course! By diligently working on your stroke technique all winter in the pool will help reduce the effects of swimming off course on race day.

Swim Smooth's Three Keys To Swimming Improvement

Swim Smooth's philosophy is that the three key areas of swimming preparation are equally important, they are worth about the same time and energy expenditure:

- Stroke Technique Improvement
- Swim Specific Fitness
- Open Water Skills

The key to transforming your swimming performances is to work on all three, all year round. This might sound complex but it's not really and we can show you how to seamlessly integrate each during your squad sessions Details here. One positive benefit of this approach is that it brings great variety to your sessions and things never get boring!

Practise drafting skills with other swimmers during squad sessions.

Open Water Anxiety

All swimmers (not matter how good they are) feel some anxiety when they swim in open water. If you feel anxious - or outright terrified - at the thought of open water swimming don't worry, it's quite normal! The open water skills work we do will greatly improve your confidence levels and will be a big advantage to get you ready to take to the great outdoors. We will also help you develop your mental skills to help overcome that anxiety or panicky feeling when it hits you, for instance during a race start.


You are twice as likely to achieve your goals with a Training Plan 

How our Personalised Training Plans will benefit you ... 

  • Detailed daily workout calendar via Training Peaks.

  • Drag + Drop workouts that can fit around your lifestyle. 

  • Easy access Training Plan via phone, tablet, PC or print-out. 

  • Sync your workouts to your watch or Platysens Marlin! 

  • Logging of your progress + Coach to Athlete feedback.

  • Email access to Coach.   

Want to get started? ...


Contact us & tell us about your training goals or racing ambitions - we'd love to hear from you!


Adult Learn2Swim / Freestyle Improvers

Thursday 08:00/09:00 £35
Friday 20:30/21:30: £35
Saturday 17:00/18:00 £35
Saturday 18:00/19:00 £35
Sunday 08:30/09:30: £35
Sunday 17:00/18:00  £35

Do you want to learn how to swim freestyle, or feel nervous about getting in the water?

Perhaps you can manage a length or two of freestyle but quickly feel out of breath, as if you're fighting with the water ...

Or maybe you've entered a triathlon or open water swim as an incentive to learn how to swim freestyle!

If this sounds like you ... 

Join us for a 1:1 or group Learn2Swim session!

Already swim freestyle but not sure if you're ready for a 1:1 Video Analysis?

Perhaps you just want to brush up on your freestyle technique, or recap on the drills and techniques learned in a previous 1:1 Video Analysis session ... 

If this sounds more like you ...

Join us for a 1:1 or group Freestyle Improvers session!

See our bookings page for cost and availability, or if you have any questions or queries, email Sam at

Special Offer for New Clients: Book a block of four 1:1's and receive 1 months free subscription to the Swim Smooth Guru (check out the video HERE).

Finis Communicator enables the coach to talk to you as you swim!

*Swim Types - a game changer in understanding you, your stroke and your training needs - check out more at 

Need anymore inspiration?

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a collection of our finest YouTube video clips. Watch Mr Smooth himself (Jono Van Hazel) cruise beautifully down the pool, learn how Mega Megan has made the improvements she has, understand what CSS is and how it benefits your swimming, work out how to enjoy your own swimming that little bit more by being a little playful, plus lots, lots more! Enjoy!


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